Why we are different (a.k.a. What sets us apart from the ‘other guys’)

 We are here to help you every step of the way. We take the fear out of solar.
We will gladly...
  •  Give you a custom consumption & solar needs analysis
  •  Design a site plan just for you
  •  Give you a custom one-line electrical diagram
  •  Offer technical support
  •  Connect you with an installer in our network (you can sub out the install if you'd like)
The ‘other guys’ leave you in the dust as soon as you make your purchase; but not us – we want to make sure your project is a success!  We're not a wholesaler and we're not full service.    
What sets us apart from the wholesalers?

Firstly, wholesalers generally want to sell you the cheapest products at the cheapest price. We offer only Tier 1 solar panels as well as only the highest quality inverters and solar products available. We have partnered with many distributors to get the very best price on those products. In short, we strive for the highest quality at the best price.

Secondly, wholesalers are selling you their products from inventory and that's it - their products don't come with anything else. In contrast, when you purchase from us; we give you a custom solar need analysis, a site plan design, and electrical one-line diagram (if needed), all of the tech support you need, and we will even outfit you with one of the excellent installers in our network (if needed). When you buy from us, you are not just buying product - you are buying our helpful services to go with it.

What sets us apart from the full-service guys?
An average, a full-service solar installer will charge around $3.50 per watt for installation. We offer our products (and included services) for less than half of that. Let’s face it: when you buy solar from a full “turn-key” company, there are going to be added costs. These are not necessarily “hidden” costs or unreasonable costs – it is just the cost of doing business; and this cost must be passed along to the consumer. Check out our Cut Out The Middleman And Save article for an example scenario.