Cut out the middleman in your solar project and SAVE BIG!

In just about every project and every industry you can think of, people have figured out that if they do it themselves, they can save lots of money. Your solar project is no different. Even if you just purchase the equipment yourself and farm out most of the labor, you can still save a ton of money.

Let’s face it: when you buy solar from a full “turn-key” company, there are going to be added costs. These are not necessarily “hidden” costs or unreasonable costs – it is just the cost of doing business; and this cost must be passed along to the consumer.

Take a look at the below example. This example is based on a 6kW (or 6,000 watt) system, which would be an average-sized system. This would be equal to 20 solar panels that are 300 watts each.


 "The Other Guys"DIY w/ helpDIY (really by yourself)
YOU SAVE$0$11,000$13,000
Cost of equipment$7800$7800$7800
Balance of system   (breakers, wires, conduit, etc.)$500$500$500
Installation labor $1000$1000
Electrical labor $500$500
Permit costs$500$500
Admin cost$500
Insurance $200
Overhead (Rent, phones, ins, payroll, utilities, etc. )$500
Sales commission$1800
Hidden finance fees$3500
Company profit $4000
Cost of free junk$500
Monitoring option$400$400$400
Grand Total$21,700 $10,700$8,700
Cost per watt  $3.62$1.78$1.45