Orange LED A19

3 Watt, LED Orange A-Shape Party Bulb

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This A-shaped LED emits an Orange light while only using 3 watts and has an average life of 25,000 Hours.

Wildlife Lighting Certification Number: 2013-019

Sea Turtle Friendly
“To meet the standards for Wildlife Lighting this lamp must be installed in a downward directed fixture that shields the lamp from being visible from the nearby beach.”
This bulb has been certified by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission’s Wildlife Friendly Lighting Program




Replacement: N/A
Watts: 3
Lumens: 82
Hours: 25,000
Beam Angle: 200
Base: E26
Color Temp: Orange
Volts: 120
Mol: 4.05″
DIA: 2.2″
Dimm: N




•Bulb Type: LED
•Bulb Shape: A19
•Usage: Holidays & Parties
•Finish: Orange
•Low Wattage
Estimated Yearly Energy Cost: 0.36
Model# A19/O/LED