7.12 kW d/c (7125 watts) grid-tied PV system w/ Hanwha Silver Frame, Blue Cell 285w

A Savings of $16,510.50 over traditional retail installers! (based on $3.50/watt price installed)

$1.18 Per Watt!
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System Details:

7.12 kW d/c (7125 watts) grid-tied PV system w/ Hanwha Silver Frame, Blue Cell 285w

Module Type:

Model#: SF260-36-P285
Frame Color: Silver
Frame Thickness:
Cell Color: Blue
Cell Type: Poly
Backsheet Color: na
Watts per Panel: 285
Qty Modules per Pallet: 20



  • 25 Hanwha 285 watt modules palletized by the factory
  • inverter (FREE UPGRADE to Solar Edge *d/c optimized system w/optimizers included)
  • Custom consumption and solar needs analysis (if desired)
  • Custom Site plan/array layout w/ satellite image (if desired)
  • Custom One line electrical diagram (if desired)
  • Sol-Attach rail-less racking system w/ fasteners and butyl sealant tape
  • 100 amp a/c disconnect
  • surge suppressor/lightning arrestor
  • 1 tube of roofing sealant for every 15 racking feet
  • 2 sets of Home run wires pre-crimped w/ MC-4 Connectors
  • Up to 3 pairs of custom jumpers (if needed)
  • Equipment Layout (if desired, photos of existing required)
  • Free Technical Support


Not Included:

  • Rapid Shutdown Device (already integrated into Solar Edge FREE UPGRADE)
  • Specific breaker, wires and electrical equipment required to tie into your existing electrical.
  • Freight to your door
  • Sales tax if shipping to Texas
  • 30% Federal IRS Tax Credit. You must apply with your tax filing if eligible.
  • Monitoring device if desired (add $285, communication/wifi wiring may be required)
  • Cellular Monitoring (add $435 per inverter)
  • Local permit costs
  • Labor or Licensed Electrician Cost
  • Flashing (add $12 per module) click here to read article on to flash or not to flash


Datasheets (available for download):

  • Inverter (SE6000A-US)
  • Modules
  • Racking

Retail price per watt (compared to $3.50 per watt): $1.18

Additional Information

Weight 1459.4 lbs

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