15.60 KW d/c (15600 watts) grid-tied PV system w/ Boviet 300s

A Savings of $36,482.00 over traditional retail installers! (based on $3.50/watt price installed)

$1.16 Per Watt!
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System Details:

Solar Panels by “Boviet” FACTORY EMBEDDED SOLAR EDGE OPTIMIZERS! 15.6 KW d/c (15600 watts) grid-tied PV system w/ 52-Boviet 300watt (double black) Black Frame, Black Mono Cell, White Backsheet Solar Modules, FREE UPGRADE to Solar D/C optimized inverter system!

Module Type:

Model#: BVM6610M-300
Frame Color: Black
Cell Color: Black
Cell Type: Mono
Backsheet Color: White
Watts per Panel: 300
Qty Modules per Pallet: 52



  • 52 Boviet 300 watt modules palletized by the factory
  • inverter (FREE UPGRADE to Solar Edge *d/c optimized system w/optimizers included)
  • Custom consumption and solar needs analysis (if desired)
  • Custom Site plan/array layout w/ satellite image (if desired)
  • Custom One line electrical diagram (if desired)
  • Sol-Attach rail-less racking system w/ fasteners and butyl sealant tape
  • 100 amp a/c disconnect
  • surge suppressor/lightning arrestor
  • 1 tube of roofing sealant for every 15 racking feet
  • 2 sets of Home run wires pre-crimped w/ MC-4 Connectors
  • Up to 3 pairs of custom jumpers (if needed)
  • Equipment Layout (if desired, photos of existing required)
  • Free Technical Support


Not Included:

  • Rapid Shutdown Device (already integrated into Solar Edge FREE UPGRADE)
  • Specific breaker, wires and electrical equipment required to tie into your existing electrical.
  • Freight to your door
  • Sales tax if shipping to Texas
  • 30% Federal IRS Tax Credit. You must apply with your tax filing if eligible.
  • Monitoring device if desired (add $285, communication/wifi wiring may be required)
  • Cellular Monitoring (add $435 per inverter)
  • Local permit costs
  • Labor or Licensed Electrician Cost
  • Flashing (add $12 per module) click here to read article on to flash or not to flash


Datasheets (available for download):

  • Inverter (SE7600A-US) x2
  • Modules
  • Racking

Retail price per watt (compared to $3.50 per watt): $1.16

Additional information

Weight 1190.2 lbs

About This System

This is a grid tied solar energy system, (not a battery backup). It includes most of what you will need to complete your system. Please see the DESCRIPTION tab next to this one to see the details of what is and is not included. The coolest thing about this solar panel is the “embedded” optimizer. Solar Edge with the d/c optimizer is one of the best, if not the best solar inverter systems on the market. In most conventional cases the optimizer is sold separately and bolted on, in the field to the mounting rail or the back side of the solar panel. Essentially that would be considered a “retro-fit”. Embedded means that the optimizer is moutned at the factory. In this case the warranty is inherently extended to 25 years to match the 25 year power warranty of the solar panel. The normal warranty for the optimizer would be 12 years. In addition the embedded optimizer replaces the factory junction box so you have a much cleaner look, less wire management and one less point of potential failure with this simplified application. This panel is also what is known as “Triple Black” which is highly desired for aesthetic reasons and is even required by some of the more scrutinizing HOA’s. Our goal with all of our systems is to assist you as much as reasonably possible to design, purchase and install your solar energy system. If you would like to learn more about how our program is designed to help you save a lot of money on solar, please click here for a detailed introduction.